• kargue-mason@partnership4resilience.org
  • Kristine Argue-Mason, Executive Director for Partnership for Resilience, an Illinois non-profit corporation working to improve academic, health, and social outcomes for children by fostering trauma-responsive schools and effective family, school, health and community partnerships. Before coming to Partnership for Resilience, Kristine served as an Instructional Resource and Professional Development Director with the Illinois Education Association – NEA (IEA-NEA). Since 2016, her primary role was developing and delivering professional development to meet the IEA-NEA’s objectives of building awareness of the research from the Kaiser Permanente ACEs study, the public health crisis of toxic-stress, the importance of mitigating and preventing its impact on our youth. Kristine has worked diligently to help implement trauma-responsive practices in schools throughout Illinois. Additionally, Kristine also has over 15 years of classroom teaching experience in both the comprehensive high school and alternative high school settings. Kristine holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hampton University and a Master of Arts in Public Policy Administration from National Louis University.
  • jbruner@partnership4resilience.org
  • Jennifer Bruner joined the Partnership for Resilience in September of 2019 as a Consultant for Resilient Southern Illinois.  She works with numerous school district resilience teams in the region to promote trauma-responsive schools by providing professional development and working with community partners.  Before becoming a part of the Partnership for Resilience, Jennifer spent 14 years in the Marion Unit #2 School District working as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, and as a classroom teacher at the elementary and middle school levels.  In addition, she has three years of business management experience.  Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale and a Master of Arts in Education from McKendree University.  She currently holds an Illinois Professional Educator License for teaching Elementary Education for grades K-9 with endorsements in Language Arts and Social Science for 5-8 and a Reading Teacher endorsement for K-8.
  • cmclaughlin@partnership4resilience.org
  • Colleen McLaughlin has worked in the field of Early Care and Education for more than 25 years. She applied at a childcare center for a part-time job when she was in college and fell in love with the field. Over the years she has worn many hats as a teacher of infants through school age children both in childcare and public schools. She has also worked as a state assessor, program director, and adjunct faculty. Currently, she works as a consultant. Colleen earned her BA in ECE from Columbia College Chicago and her MSed in ECE from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She is a member of the ilAEYC governing board, the Southern Illinois Coalition for Children & Families as well as the Southern Illinois Early Childhood Action Team (SIECAT).
  • snelsen-smith@partnership4resilience.org
  • Sherry Nelsen-Smith is the lead Organizer for the Partnership for Resilience Parent Mentor Program. She works with increasing community and parent engagement in five schools in southern Illinois.  
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